I’m an award-winning magazine editor from Auckland, New Zealand. I edit New Zealand Geographic magazine, the bimonthly, independent publication of record which documents New Zealand culture, nature, and scientific research. In 2018, New Zealand Geographic won both of the country’s top prizes for magazine publishing, and I was the recipient of a grant from the Aotearoa New Zealand Science Journalism Fund.

My latest stories are about a family who tramped the length of New Zealand and an ultrarunning event designed to test the limits of endurance. My story on the grounding of the MV Rena on Astrolabe Reef was reprinted in Tell You What: Great New Zealand Nonfiction 2017. I talked about New Zealand Geographic on Radio New Zealand in 2018 and speak in classrooms and at conferences.

I’ve written travel stories about New Zealand for The Washington Post as well as in-flight airline magazines such as SilverKris and Mabuhay. My opinions are in The Guardian. I go tramping with baguettes strapped to the side of my pack. I’m on Twitter and Instagram.

Photo: Benjamin Brooking